BridgeCity Kids

ファミリー Family


BridgeCity Church is full of families. It is not always easy for families to visit church when children are involved. We would like to support such families as much as possible.


キッズサービス Kids Service


At BridgeCity Church, Kids leaders provide fun activities, enabling children to learn the Bible happily! Meanwhile, dad & mom can participate in the service. Of course, you can participate in the service with your child. By all means, please come and visit your family.


献児式 Baby Dedication


We believe that water baptism is received by our own will. On the other hand, if you have recently birthed a baby (congratulations!) and you want to dedicate your child to God, we would love to have a special time called a baby dedication ceremony in the Sunday service for you. For more details, please contact us at Or please inform the staff at the church on Sunday that you wish for a baby dedication ceremony.