Comprised of 4 sessions, the NEXT STEP is designed to help you learn more about BridgeCity Church, discover your gifts (personally and spiritually) and how you can use those gifts for God by joining our Dream Team!


This step is designed to help you learn and put into practice essential habits of every follower of Jesus. Through these habits we develop a deep relationship with Christ and move our lives forward toward God’s best. 

このステップではブリッジシティチャーチのミッションやビジョンを紹介します。教会こそが、あなたがつながるべき場所です。私たちがどこから来て、どこへ行くのかを共有する時、チャーチファミリー、チャーチライフ、そしてビジョン、それら全ての面において 、あなたは目的を持ってつながることができます。

This step introduces you the mission and the vision of BridgeCity church. The church is where you are supposed to belong. When sharing where we are from and where we are going, you can connect with purpose with all aspects of church family, church life, vision, and all of them.


When you walk life in Christ and His church, you will find a greater purpose. That means that you discovered who you really are as a handiwork of God and the gifts and passions given to you. In this step you will discover which dream team you are most suited for and what part of the team will be reinforced by joining you.


You will find great fulfillment as you serve others and partner in building His church by living life beyond yourself and making a difference. This decision means you are moving from being an observer to becoming a contributor - using your gifts, talents, time, and your finances.