Welcome to BridgeCity Church!

教会は、様々な年代やバックグラウンドの人々が集まり、私たちの創造主である神様と出会い、神様を礼拝する、とても大切でエキサイティングな場所です。 ブリッジシティチャーチを一度も訪れたことがない方は日曜日のサービスにぜひ足を運んでみてください。どなたでも大歓迎です!


The church is a very important and exciting place where people of various ages and backgrounds gather together and meet God, our creator, and worship Him. If you have never visited BridgeCity Church, please come and visit the service on Sunday. Everyone is welcome!

When you step into the place where you've never been before, you feel a bit uneasy or tense. So here we will inform you briefly and clearly what is going on every week at BridgeCity Church.



What do you do at BridgeCity Church?


Here is our service flow on Sundays.

10:30 - 11:00 コーヒータイム Coffee Time


Light meals such as coffee and muffins will be served for free, so you can have fun with everyone and make new friends.

11:00 - 12:15 サービス Service

  • 11:00 - 11:20 ワーシップサービス Worship Service


At 11 o'clock, dynamic worship (worship service led by the music band) starts. In worship, we all sing songs and worship God in accordance with music of various genres.

  • 11:20 - 11:35 案内と献金 Announcement & Offerings

イベント案内や、私たちがGenerosity Momentと呼ぶ献金の時間を持ちます。(献金は強制ではありません。教会はいつでも、誰にでも、無料でご参加いただけます。)

We announce upcoming events and have a time of offering called Generosity Moment. (Giving offerings are not mandatory, you can join the church for free anytime.)

  • 11:35 - 11:40 5分休憩 5 minutes break


Children participating in BridgeCity Kids will move to the different room during this time.

  • 11:40- 12:10 メッセージ Message


Listen to Bible based message which is broken down in practical and relevant ways

  • 12:10- 12:15 歌と祈り Sing a song and pray


At the end, we will sing one more song and finish with prayer.


Since the snacks such as coffee and muffin will be served even after the service is over, we hope you make new friends and have fun.



What do I need to bring with me?


You really don't need to bring anything with you. You can come with your friends and family if you want.



Any Dress Code?


Our weekend gatherings are for you—so come dressed however you feel most comfortable. (Appropriate for the public, of course. )



Can I come with my kids?

もちろんです! ブリッジシティチャーチでは、キッズアクティビティを毎週ご用意しています。キッズリーダーたちが元気な歌やゲームを通し、聖書を楽しく学べる環境を提供しています! その間お父さんお母さんはゆっくりメッセージを聞くことができます。もちろんお子様とサービスに参加していただいても構いません。ぜひぜひ、ご家族で遊びに来てみてください。

Of course! Kids activities are available every Sundays at BridgeCity Church. Through energetic songs and games, kids leaders are providing an environment where they can learn the Bible happily! Meanwhile, parents can listen to the message comfortably. Of course, you can participate in the service with your child. Please come and visit us with your family.